Hack The Box: Valentine

Difficulty: Easy

Machine Creator: mrb3n

Tools Used: NMAP Gobuster Python

Network Enumeration Let’s start with a quick NMAP scan to discover open ports

nmap -sS –min-rate 5000 –max-retries 1 -p-

Web Directory Enumeration Let’s use Gobuster to search for directories.

HTTP Enumeration

If we browse the directories from the Gobuster scan, we can see a couple of files in the dev directory.

/usr/share/nmap/scripts/ | grep “ssl”

nmap –script=ssl-heartbleed -p 443

If we look back at the image in the website, this can hint to the vulnerability.

Exploitation There is a Metasploit module for heartbleed but let’s do this exploit manually. We can download a python script from GitHub that will exploit heartbleed.1



We can read user.txt as user hype.

Privilege escalation

tmux -S /.devs/dev_sess

Connecting to the root tmux session we now have a root terminal.